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Two prisoners managed to escape after the police truck carrying them crashed. One of them ,is a gangster. The other called "Otowa YonKo" - our protagonist - is a con artist whose cheats money from criminals or terrorists. Accidentally, "Otowa Yonko" then becomes the new teacher for the nearby high school, under the new name "Hachisuka Goro", and according to a deal of "Hammer Session" with the headmaster.


Type: Scripted

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2010-07-10

HAMMER SESSION! - Spyair - Netflix

Spyair (stylized as SPYAIR) is a Japanese rock band from Nagoya, Japan, formed in 2005. The band consists of Ike (vocals), UZ (guitar, programming), Momiken (bass guitar, leader) and Kenta (drums). The band's name, SPYAIR, was determined in one shot by the members, which came from the word spyware, a type of computer virus.

HAMMER SESSION! - Band members - Netflix

Ike (池田秀文, Ikeda Hidefumi, born April 18, 1984) — vocals (2005–present) UZ (中井祐二, Nakai Yuji, born December 13, 1984) — guitar, programming (2005–present) Momiken (籾山健二, Momiyama Kenji, born November 14, 1984) — bass guitar, leader (2005–present) Kenta (笹部健太, Sasabe Kenta, born March 16, 1985) — drums (2005–present) Former members ENZEL☆ (岩田洋輔, Iwata Yosuke, born May 11, 1985) — DJ (2009–2012)

HAMMER SESSION! - References - Netflix

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