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Prank Pad is a series which sees a group of eight tricksters living together with the aim to out-wit and annoy each other out of the house.

The sees the houseful of contestants compete to be the last one standing and win six months of rent-free living in a plush new pad.

It's about stamina, guts and being the cheekiest, sneakiest, craftiest prankster. With no eliminations, the aim of the game for these loveable rogues is to drive their housemates so crazy that they pack their bags and leave. From cling film capers to door knob disasters, hair removal outrage to hot sauce surprises the show will be jam packed with hilarious and hideous stunts all in the name of the game.

Once all of the hoaxes have been had, contestants will vote for the week's Prank Punk with the bearer of the title being forced to pay a penalty for their poor efforts. The final will see the frolickers join forces to act as a team and weed the last people out. As the antics ramp up, the clock counts down to the deadline for people to give up and walk out.

Prank Pad - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: To Be Determined

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2016-11-06

Prank Pad - Tube Bar prank calls - Netflix

The Tube Bar prank calls are a series of prank calls made in the mid-1970s to the Tube Bar in Jersey City, in which Jim Davidson and John Elmo would ask “Red,” the proprietor of the bar, if they could speak to various non-existent customers. The gag names given by the pranksters were puns and homophones for often offensive phrases. Recordings of the calls were circulated widely on duplicated cassette tapes and may have been the inspiration for a long running gag in The Simpsons.

Prank Pad - Legacy - Netflix

Animator and cartoonist Matt Groening has described himself as a fan of the tapes, particularly the “Garden Grove calls”. His series The Simpsons features a running joke of Bart Simpson making prank calls to barkeeper Moe Szyslak, asking to speak to patrons with joke names. Groening describes the similarity between these jokes and the Tube Bar calls as “creative synchronicity.” During the 1980s, several different record labels released various edits of the tapes on CD, LP and cassette tape before the Bum Bar Bastards came forward in the 1990s to claim copyright of the tapes and officially release their version.

Prank Pad - References - Netflix

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