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"The Radio" is the newest radio station hosted by Jeremy Corbett and Paul Ego. It plays all the hits, covers all the latest gossip and features Paul's velvet voice (and also Jeremy's normal voice). Jeremy Corbett, originally from Lite FM, joins arch comedy nemesis and mate Paul Ego, from Hevvy FM, to show us what happens when you combine the creative minds behind two of NZ's most successful radio shows. The caring voice of receptionist Urzila Carlson will welcome you when you phone in to give requests, feedback and enter competitions! Each week The Radio has a new celebrity guest so make sure you tune in to hear Jeremy and Paul chat to them.

The Radio - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2013-02-08

The Radio - Radio Radio Radio - Netflix

Radio Radio Radio is an EP by the American punk rock band Rancid. The EP was released on August 26, 1993 through Fat Wreck Chords with the catalog number FAT 509. It was also their only release on Fat Wreck Chords. It is first Rancid release with four members, with the inclusion of Lars Fredriksen on guitar and vocals. Previously a three-piece, Rancid was in need of a second guitar player to refine their sound. They had briefly performed live with Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day as their second guitar player, but Billie Joe decided to stay with Green Day rather than become a full member of Rancid. “Radio” was written in the short time that Billie Joe was in the band, and he therefore was a co-writer of the song. After Billie Joe decided to leave, Frederiksen filled the spot. Frederiksen had previously been a member of the British punk rock band the UK Subs. “Radio” and “Dope Sick Girl” were both re-recorded for the band's second album, Let's Go, which was released the next year. The versions on the EP, “Radio” in particular, are arranged differently than the versions on Let's Go. Fat Wreck Chords reissued the EP on January 15, 2009, on white vinyl.

The Radio - Notes - Netflix

“Just a Feeling” is misspelled on the record sleeve as “Just a Felling”. The run-on grooves on sides A and B have “That's Alot [sic] of Radios” and “There's Two E's in Feeling” (a reference to the misspelling noted above) etched onto them, respectively.

The Radio - References - Netflix

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